When distributing the schedules can you select if it's detailed or general overview?

Hello! I put in notes and such into the calls and was wondering if there was a way to get the calendar with all the info I painstakingly put into the calendar?

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Is there a way to include the call type on that breakdown?

Ha -- I understand completely.  Try selecting a weekly format that has all your notes, and then click SEND OVERVIEW while looking at a given week.  Pick your name from the recipient list that appears, and it should produce what you're looking for, and go only to you.

Hi Lori!  Thanks for writing--

There are a couple of options here:

Personalized Daily Calls -- When you send the Daily Calls, any notes that you have added will appear, neatly formatted, with each call.

Weekly Schedules -- There are 4 weekly schedule formats -- two of them will display any notes that you have added, and the other two will not (they're more for a "schedule at a glance" type feel).  You can see samples of all 4 report types under Settings > Project Settings > Weekly.

There is not a monthly format with notes, as our attempts to create one essentially created a mess that no one would want to read.  :)

Hope that helps!


THANKS! I'm using y'all for the first show of my season (first pancake) and didn't want to send it to the cast yet. :D